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 Current classes

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PostSubject: Current classes   Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:36 pm

Okay so here are the things that were decided on the 19th:

3 base classes each with up to three different paths (we will start with 2 paths each then make the third for an exspansion). Classes inculde(but not limited too):

"Thief" (fastest atk, lowest crit rate of the rogues, uses twin daggers)
"Assassin" (Highest crit rate of the game, will use a long range rifle)
"Hunter" (Middle class of the rogues (middle in both crit rate and speed) uses a middle range bow(haven't decided on arrows or maybe energy shots)

"Barbarian" (Highest Dam, lowest Def, and highest HP of the Warriors, uses axes)
"Swordsmen" (lowest dam, fastest atk of the warriors also has high def and have more dodge then other warriors, uses any type of blade)
"Paladin" (middle Dam high def(possibly highest of warriors) ideal tank class, uses Maces and possibly clubs)

"wizard" (High dam low crit master of elements hit possibly ignore some def, uses staffs)
"cleric" (Heals allies and saps enemies, uses wands or possibly maces)
"Priests" (Buffs allies and weakens enemies, buffs pretty much everything (atk, def, heal rate, etc), uses books, orbs, or some holy object (like a cross or pendant))

The names of classes may change in the future but the general idea of them will not change much.
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Current classes
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