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 Guilds, Factions, alliances, etc.

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PostSubject: Guilds, Factions, alliances, etc.   Sat Feb 25, 2012 8:54 pm

Okay so here I will outline the guild system. first there will be guild wars, champion battles, and faction wars. Factions can control nations (setting tax rate and getting gold and stuff from their time of rule). Guilds can form alliances and become a part of a faction. wars between guilds can be done for gold, items, or just for fun(the guilds decide when setting up the war). Champion battles are usually between 2 chosen members (usually the strongest members)of opposing guilds the winning guild will probably move up in ranking(if they are fighting someone above them) or possibly a position of power in a faction. Faction wars are done over the control of the nations (each faction can control up to 2 nations at any one time).

(to be edited and continued later)
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Guilds, Factions, alliances, etc.
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