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 Story setup

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PostSubject: Story setup   Thu Feb 16, 2012 10:51 pm

The story shouldn't be some kind of over arching massive quest, to many people do that now a days as it is, so I propose smaller more thought out stories, with a few memorable characters, composed of a few interlocking quests that can come to a conclusion quickly, we would have lots of these, each ending with some kind of boss. A simplistic example would be Farvian of Falreef (quest giver) has been bamboozled by a hoodlum, who has made off with an antic replica of a war mage staff. The player sets off to a randomly generated area where a quest item has be spawned in, which could be a note from the hoodlum claiming responsibility for several other bamboozle-ings which the player will have to go investigate to find out where the hoodlum is hiding. These would be like the formula for dailies, you see where I'm going now, yes good, most quests should scale to level but there should be quite a few that don't. The ones that don't should be activated by hitting a certain level and entering a town which would trigger a cut scene. That's where the really over elaborate quest lines start, I'm not saying they should be long, but they should be wacky and funny and dark and brooding. Whats anybody think?
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PostSubject: Re: Story setup   Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:59 pm

hmm yea I see what you are saying having a big story background (such as WOW's horde vs allaince thing or PW's assualt by a powerful force bent on destruction (called wraiths I think)) is a bit over used and in PW's case can be overlooked when players get into playing and lvling their character. so we go with smaller sections with possibly a hidden big storyline that the players won't know about till they get into the high lvls. kinda like how Saint's row 1&2 is (each gang has its own story that you go through to take them down. they don't really come together till the end and thats because the game lets you decide what order you take them down in) also I like your example for dailies we can have infamous baddies (like a small gang of goblins) that will do something (they don't have to do something every day but if we have enough we can switch up who do what and on what day) some examples could be: the Goblin gang "green guys" have assaulted a merchant's carvan go punish them or the Thief "Butterfingers" story a relic a value go get it back(like your example). the dailies will be more or less random based on which one you have done recently and what not that way its not the same thing over and over. Also you idea of few memorable characters could be done but we will have to make some unnamed NPCs to run things but those can be some nonhumans (like FF's moggles).
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Story setup
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